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A Moment To Freedom

for TTBB Chorus, Flute, & Bass Drum

A Moment to Freedom centers around the thought that what separates someone from their freedom is a single moment. This piece was inspired by one of those moments as it seeks to represent the struggle for power between Romanian communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, and the people. During Ceausescu’s final speech on December 25th, 1989 there was a distinct moment where the control that Ceausescu had over his people was suddenly lost. This marked shift is visible on his face and his panicked cries for the citizens to stay quiet and listen are lost on the now awoken crowd. The chants that had once spurred Ceausescu’s ego now turned to demands for freedom and choice. The structure of A Moment to Freedom follows the unfolding of this moment. Subtle whispers are heard and spread through the people, while the voice of Ceausescu, confident and cool becomes more panicked and uncertain. The idea of their being two voices is pervasive throughout the piece with the dictator’s voice being more prevalent through the beginning and more sporadic in the middle. The people’s voice grows throughout and gradually overtakes Ceausescu in the final section of this piece. The text in this piece is all drawn from statements or chants shouted out during this speech. The flute represents the land supporting the people but is also an independent entity with its own voice.

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