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Flute, French Horn, Guitar, Cello, 2 Percussionist [2 Vibraphones and Bass Drum]

I Am Real is a through-composed work centered on themes of self and cognition. The piece opens with subtle textures calling to mind that of a whispered thought. The music expands into small gestures which are sometimes angular, melodic, and emotive. These gestures are representative of the emotions within our thoughts; with focused exploration on fear, doubt, grief, confusion disorientation, and overwhelm. The triplet motif acts as a stream of consciousness that exists through the piece. However, when the body is overwhelmed, as in the aleatoric section of m. 54, the string of consciousness disappears. The mind is overtaken with the percussion of a racing heart and a pounding head. Dark as this piece may seem, there is an underlying conflict towards hope and positivity. The tonal and atonal are engaged in battle, the section at m. 78 draws on the bi-tonal system, where major chords sometimes break through the darkness. The conclusion being that there will always be a positive where negativity rules, one just has to listen for it.



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