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It's All Love

For SSAATTB choir, a capella

"It's All Love" was born from a deeply personal moment with my grandmother, Edith Bustard. As she neared the end of her journey, slipping in and out of consciousness, she bestowed upon us a profound message. With a radiant smile and eyes shining bright, she whispered, "It's all love." Then, in a moment of clarity, she repeated the word "Faith" several times. These words, her last coherent utterances before departing this world, lingered in my mind long after she was gone, becoming the cornerstone of this composition.


In crafting this piece, I sought to encapsulate her boundless love, nurturing spirit, and unwavering hope, all amidst the backdrop of our family's collective grief. The music unfolds like a tapestry, beginning with closed chords which gradually expand into registral extremes. The ascending motifs symbolize my grandmother's ascent to the heavens, while the interplay of individual rhythms within the voices reflects the complexity of our emotions. Yet, amidst the symphony of emotions, there are moments of convergence, where all voices unite to form a singular chord, echoing the solemn toll of a clock.

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